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XA-VTO4169 viewsA Mexican-registered Dassault Falcon 900B.ZuluLima04/15/15 at 17:13YIPMallory: Thank you for including the lovely images-- so ope...
A350268 viewsTest plane visits AA Hangar 5.ZuluLima05/11/14 at 16:29PlanoTXWX: Wish I had been there for a few pics.
N512XJ884 viewsThis odd little Avros used to visit DFW on a regular basis flying for Mesaba. This frame was stored in the desert for two years and is about to re-enter service with CityJet as EI-RJZ.Greg11/22/13 at 16:52PlanoTXWX: 11/22/2013 - This thing is still flying as of this...
Yangtze River Express322 viewsNew cargo service to DFW. B-2432 was once a passenger jet.ZuluLima01/27/13 at 19:58PlanoTXWX: Excellent picture. I hope my pics get this good so...
Good old days at Founders233 viewsRockwallTim01/02/10 at 08:40Greg: That was a great spot, but I do like the new Found...
Sunset, Moonrise358 viewsAlaska's late-afternoon flight.ZuluLima12/12/09 at 09:02Greg: Nice shot!!
Lufthansa A-340366 viewsArriving into DFW with a soccer ball on it's nose.
JayDavis09/08/09 at 17:02ZuluLima: Dude, that's an A330. Even better catch.
Virgin Atlanta A-340-600245 viewsThis plane came into DFW to pick up the Chelsea Soccer Team that had played at the new Cowboys Stadium. Crummy weather that day, unfortunately.
JayDavis09/07/09 at 12:16Greg: Cheeky they sent the one with the No Way AA/BA tit...
Landing Light238 viewsA Southwest 737 banks left and lands on 31L in front of downtown Dallas.ZuluLima12/09/08 at 07:13Guest_planiac: stunning!
Fuel Efficient Hybrid?324 viewsWinter-leased 737 sporting Sun Country titles over a Transavia paint scheme. The other winglet was painted white for some reason.ZuluLima12/08/08 at 16:08Greg: I like the blue Sun Country winglets!
279 viewsmaxyuh12/07/08 at 19:33Guest_Greg: Love the black nose! Nice light as well.
Last Rays Of The Day401 viewsN613CZ catches the best light of the evening on approach.ZuluLima12/06/08 at 17:21Guest_Greg: Golden light!
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