Emirates 2016-17 Costs

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Emirates 2016-17 Costs

Postby Greg on Thu May 11, 2017 6:24 pm

Emirates released their 2016-17 Annual Report and I thought I'd share a few interesting items that I found within:

Emirates Group reported earning a $670 million profit for the year ending March 31, with Emirates Airline earning $340 million of the profit. The overall net profit was down 70% from the prior year.

How much do airlines pay for various fees? Here is an idea of how much a large carrier might shell out each year on certain costs: $5.7 was spent on fuel, $2.86 on aircraft leases, $776,000 on overflight fees, $560k on landing/parking fees, $745k on aircraft maintenance, and $295k on crew layovers.

Emirates’ maintenance team completed 85 C-checks on their A380 and Boeing 777 fleet.
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