DFW Foreign Carrier Estimated November 2017 Loads

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DFW Foreign Carrier Estimated November 2017 Loads

Postby Greg on Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:14 pm

Here are the estimated load factors for the foreign carriers at DFW for November 2017.

Much like October I have Qatar marked separately as I was under the distinct impression they were blocking seats on their Airbus A350s that were used in October/November. The rates are calculated with the full 283-seat load, but I am not 100% confident in that. Of course, I’ve yet to get any info on how many seats may have been blocked each way.

Pretty solid for most carriers, and once again the soon to depart Etihad posts solid numbers – this time a 94% load factor. Emirates rebounded a bit after some subpar months in September and October. WestJet is not included as their seasonal service concluded in October.

Interjet, what can we say… this has been beaten to death.. half-empty planes are their norm at DFW now:
August - 54.18%
September - 49.47%
October - 48.27%
November- 52.79%

How did we arrive at the data?
I took publicly available seat counts and other published data showing available data and came up with these estimates. I do not guarantee 100% accuracy, but I think we are fairly close to the true numbers. OAG, Various “Source” websites, airline sites etc.

AeroMexico - 43 flights with 99 seats, 17 flights with 96 seats
Air Canada - 101 flights with 73 seats, 30 flights with 75 seats
Avianca - 16 flights with 96 seats
British Airways – 29 flights with 275 seats
Emirates - 30 flights with 354 seats
Etihad - 29 flights with 239 seats
Interjet - 52 flights with 150 seats
Japan Airlines - 30 flights with 161 seats
Korean - 18 flights with 291 seats
Lufthansa - 16 flights with 216 seats, 12 flights with 279 seats
Qantas - 29 flights with 484 seats inbound and 355 seats outbound (lower outbound estimate for blocked seats)
Qatar * - 30 flights with 283 seats (see above discussion)
Volaris - 13 flights with 179 seats

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