DFW Foreign Carrier Estimated November 2018 Loads

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DFW Foreign Carrier Estimated November 2018 Loads

Postby Greg on Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:49 pm

Here are the estimated load factors for the foreign carriers at DFW for November 2018. WOW Air has departed (for good) and British Airways downgauges to the Boeing 777-200 in November, with 226 seats. The winter lull is setting in and we see decreased load factors across the board.

How did we arrive at the data?
I took publicly available seat counts and other published data showing available data and came up with these estimates. I do not guarantee 100% accuracy, but I think we are fairly close to the true numbers. OAG, Various Source websites, airline sites etc.

AeroMexico - 60 flights with 99 seats
Air Canada - 146 flights with 76 seats
Avianca - 30 flights with 96 seats
British Airways – 26 flights with 226 seats
Emirates - 30 flights with 354 seats
Icelandair - 16 flights with 183 seats
Interjet - 53 flights with 150 seats
Japan Airlines - 30 flights with 195 seats
Korean - 17 flights with 291 seats
Lufthansa - 27 flights with 255 seats
Qantas – 29 flights with 484 seats inbound and 355 seats outbound (lower outbound estimate for blocked seats)
Qatar – 30 flights with 358 seats
Volaris - 13 flights with 179 seats


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