Alaska cutting some Love flights...DFW implications?

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Alaska cutting some Love flights...DFW implications?

Postby JGFrisco on Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:38 am

The Love Field saga just keeps going. I know this is a DFW site, but the fight over there is intriguing.

When the Wright Amendment was repealed, an agreement was made to cap Love at 20 gates. At various times, American, United, Delta, and Virgin America/Alaska have challenged Southwest there. American gave up their slots at Love in the agreement, leaving United, Delta, and Virgin America to fight over the gates.

Southwest had a full lease for 16 of the gates...Virgin had two...and United had two. Virgin was then bought by Alaska, and now AS has those gates.

Then United bailed out of Love, and leased at least one of their gates to Delta, who was running 5 flights a day to Atlanta from there. At that point, AS had 2 of the leases and WN had 18, but DL still had a sublease on one. Southwest wants to add flights, so they tried to kick Delta out. Delta cried foul and said they want to expand.

The city got involved, and looked at the gate utilization, and saw that AS was only running 11 flights a day out of their two gates. They sued all three airlines to get them to work with the city to make the most efficient usage of the gates.

But late last year, AS instead added a bunch of flights, taking their daily number up to 20. That forestalled any takeover of their gates by other airlines.

Fast forward to now. Alaska is downsizing their operation at Love, dropping back from 20 to 11. By November 5, they will have the following flights:

Portland 2
Seattle 3

For comparison, out of DFW they have

Portland 1, Seattle 4

Wonder if they will eventually try to bail out of Love completely, and consolidate their operation at DFW. It made sense when it was Virgin...less so now that it's Alaska. Also wonder if Delta will be allowed to take over part of their gate space at Love, or if Southwest will get it.
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Re: Alaska cutting some Love flights...DFW implications?

Postby Greg on Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:18 pm

I suspect Alaska will keep DFW where it is and maybe add more flights to the schedule for summer - then they can argue that only using 11 was temporary for the slower winter season.
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