May 10, 2020 DFW Aircraft Log

Daily logs showing every commercial aircraft that operated at DFW that day.

May 10, 2020 DFW Aircraft Log

Postby ACARS Bot on Mon May 11, 2020 7:02 am

340 Aircraft

QR8132 Luxembourg (LUX) Qatar Cargo B77L  A7-BFI
BR697 Anchorage (ANC) EVA Air Cargo B77L  B-16785
CI5255 Anchorage (ANC) China Airlines Cargo B744  B-18725
3S419 Frankfurt (FRA) AeroLogic B77L  D-AALG
BA192 London (LHR) British Airways B788  G-ZBJG
KE8255 Atlanta (ATL) Korean Air Cargo B748  HL7629
KE32 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air B77W  HL8250
JL11 Tokyo (HND) Japan Airlines (Arashi JAL-Hawaii Livery) B789  JA873J
CV6616 Mexico City (MEX) Cargolux B744  LX-JCV
DL1563 Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines A220  N110DU
DL525 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines A220  N119DU
FX585 Memphis (MEM) FedEx B763  N121FE
DL719 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines A220  N123DQ
AA671 Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines A321  N123NN
DL404 Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines A220  N124DU
AA2318 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines A321  N127AA
AA2562 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines A321  N128AN
AA1657 San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines A321  N129AA
DL1617 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines A220  N129DU
AA1885 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N131NN
AA2334 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines A321  N134AN
AA2923 Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines A321  N136AN
UA5919 Denver (DEN) United Express E75L  N136SY
AA147 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines A321  N145AN
FX716 Memphis (MEM) FedEx B763  N148FE
FX485 Memphis (MEM) FedEx B763  N153FE
AA1326 Austin (AUS) American Airlines A321  N154AA
AA1331 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines A321  N155NN
5X765 Louisville (SDF) UPS A306  N162UP
UA5601 Chicago (ORD) United Express E75L  N167SY
AA2812 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines A321  N174US
AA121 New Orleans (MSY) American Airlines A319  N177XF
FX472 Memphis (MEM) FedEx B763  N178FE
AA2656 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines A321  N185UW
AA804 Washington (DCA) American Airlines A321  N186US
4B464 Victoria (VCT) Private owner B350  N189KA
AA1768 New York (LGA) American Airlines A321  N196UW
AA2818 Tucson (TUS) American Airlines B738  N200NV
AS713 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines B739  N215AK
AA3303 Spokane (GEG) American Eagle E75L  N225NN
AA3345 Columbus (CMH) American Eagle E75L  N228NN
AA3425 Sarasota (SRQ) American Eagle E75L  N230NN
AA3311 Birmingham (BHM) American Eagle E75L  N232NN
AA3326 Killeen (GRK) American Eagle E75L  N240NN
AA5919 Bismarck (BIS) Mesa Airlines CRJ9  N241LR
AA3984 Missoula (MSO) American Eagle E75L  N241NN
AA5733 Memphis (MEM) American Eagle CRJ9  N242LR
AA3339 Billings (BIL) American Eagle E75L  N243NN
AA5784 Peoria (PIA) American Eagle CRJ9  N244LR
AA3575 Milwaukee (MKE) American Eagle E75L  N244NN
AA3466 Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) American Eagle E75L  N245NN
AA5966 Amarillo (AMA) American Eagle CRJ9  N246LR
AA3319 Baton Rouge (BTR) American Eagle E75L  N247NN
AA5781 San Luis Potosi (SLP) American Eagle CRJ9  N248LR
AA3306 Grand Rapids (GRR) American Eagle E75L  N250NN
5X9300 Louisville (SDF) UPS MD11  N250UP
4B460 Victoria (VCT) Boutique Air B350  N253AS
AA4178 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) American Eagle E75L  N255NN
5X763 Louisville (SDF) UPS MD11  N255UP
AA3702 Knoxville (TYS) American Eagle E75L  N256NN
AA3357 Albuquerque (ABQ) American Eagle E75L  N257NN
AA3349 New Orleans (MSY) American Eagle E75L  N258NN
AA3617 Huntsville (HSV) American Eagle E75L  N259NN
AA3517 Queretaro (QRO) American Eagle E75L  N260NN
AA3691 Aguascalientes (AGU) American Eagle E75L  N262NN
AA3445 Monterrey (MTY) American Eagle E75L  N263NN
AA4147 Grand Junction (GJT) American Eagle E75L  N264NN
AA3358 Boise (BOI) American Eagle E75L  N265NN
AA3697 Silao (BJX) American Eagle E75L  N266NN
AA3422 Birmingham (BHM) American Eagle E75L  N269NN
AA4194 Bentonville (XNA) American Eagle E75L  N270NN
AA3340 Little Rock (LIT) American Eagle E75L  N271NN
AA3309 Cincinnati (CVG) American Eagle E75L  N272NN
AA3346 Kansas City (MCI) American Eagle E75L  N273NN
AA4192 Bentonville (XNA) American Eagle E75L  N274NN
AA3666 El Paso (ELP) American Eagle E75L  N275NN
AA3716 Augusta (AGS) American Eagle E75L  N276NN
AA3382 Kansas City (MCI) American Eagle E75L  N278NN
5X764 Louisville (SDF) UPS MD11  N279UP
AA4186 Tallahassee (TLH) American Eagle E75L  N281NN
AA3482 Charleston (CHS) American Eagle E75L  N282NN
5X754 Louisville (SDF) UPS MD11  N282UP
AA3777 Lexington (LEX) American Eagle E75L  N283NN
AA4173 Myrtle Beach (MYR) American Eagle E75L  N284JN
AA3421 Birmingham (BHM) American Eagle E75L  N287NN
AA3793 Springfield (SGF) American Eagle E75L  N288NN
AA3520 Columbia (CAE) American Eagle E75L  N289MW
AA3355 Kansas City (MCI) American Eagle E75L  N290NN
AA3343 Calgary (YYC) American Eagle E75L  N291NN
AS716 Houston (IAH) Alaska Airlines B739  N296AK
AA1381 St. Louis (STL) American Airlines A319  N3014R
AA779 Detroit (DTW) American Airlines B738  N301NW
AA1986 Portland (PDX) American Airlines B738  N305NX
AA1769 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines B738  N306PB
F91010 Tyler (TYR) Frontier (Champ the Bronco Livery) A20N  N307FR
AA1158 Orange County (SNA) American Airlines B738  N309PC
AA2609 Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines B738  N314PD
AA2368 Baltimore (BWI) American Airlines B738  N316PF
DL1890 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines A319  N318NB
AA5761 Jackson (JAN) American Eagle CRJ9  N329MS
AA1282 San Antonio (SAT) American Airlines B738  N338PK
DL1576 Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines A319  N340NB
AA359 Fresno (FAT) American Airlines B738  N344PP
AA1469 Fort Myers (RSW) American Airlines B738  N354PT
AA2554 Sacramento (SMF) American Airlines B738  N355PU
AA1256 Cozumel (CZM) American Airlines B738  N358PW
DL1694 Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines A319  N369NB
DL1243 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines A321  N382DN
KZ7168 Anchorage (ANC) Atlas Air B744  N404KZ
4B553 Carlsbad (CNM) Boutique Air PC12  N455BC
UA380 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines A320  N465UA
4B496 Greenville (GLH) Boutique Air PC12  N475SS
5Y2428 Seattle (SEA) Atlas Air B744  N485MC
AA649 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N509AY
AA1830 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines A321  N523UW
AA514 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines A321  N535UW
AA872 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines A321  N561UW
AA5325 Savannah (SAV) American Eagle CRJ9  N580NN
AA684 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N582UW
AA5016 Pensacola (PNS) American Eagle CRJ9  N589NN
AA5017 Dayton (DAY) American Eagle CRJ9  N593NN
AA3128 Meridian (MEI) SkyWest Airlines CRJ1  N594SW
AA387 Guadalajara (GDL) American Airlines A320  N601AW
AA5211 Dayton (DAY) American Eagle CRJ9  N603NN
AA3189 Chihuahua (CUU) SkyWest Airlines CRJ7  N604SK
AA3674 Tyler (TYR) American Eagle E145  N605KS
NK9136 Fort Worth (AFW) Spirit Airlines A320  N636NK
AA3881 Columbia (COU) American Eagle E145  N661JA
AA4058 College Station (CLL) American Eagle E145  N663AR
AA3350 Baton Rouge (BTR) American Eagle E145  N664MS
AA3612 Wichita Falls (SPS) American Eagle E145  N667GB
AA3791 Gulfport (GPT) American Eagle E145  N681AE
AA3769 Waco (ACT) American Eagle E145  N685AE
AA2960 Cedar Rapids (CID) American Eagle CRJ7  N701SK
AA2436 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines A319  N701UW
AA2950 Colorado Springs (COS) American Eagle CRJ7  N702SK
AA2276 Houston (IAH) American Airlines A319  N705UW
AA2973 Santa Fe (SAF) American Eagle CRJ7  N708SK
AA2956 Cedar Rapids (CID) American Eagle CRJ7  N715SK
AA9442 Amsterdam (AMS) American Airlines B77W  N722AN
AA2986 Eagle (EGE) American Eagle CRJ7  N722EV
AA9426 Frankfurt (FRA) American Airlines B77W  N725AN
AA2972 Gainesville (GNV) American Eagle CRJ7  N730SK
AA2709 Palm Springs (PSP) American Airlines A319  N733UW
AA2667 Houston (IAH) American Airlines A319  N737US
AA1310 Washington (DCA) American Airlines (Piedmont Heritage Livery) A319  N744P
AA3230 Fort Wayne (FWA) American Eagle CRJ7  N744SK
AA3076 Flagstaff (FLG) American Eagle CRJ7  N751EV
AA3289 South Bend (SBN) American Eagle CRJ7  N752EV
AA2257 New Orleans (MSY) American Airlines A319  N752US
AA1798 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A319  N754UW
AA1586 New Orleans (MSY) American Airlines A319  N758US
8C3216 Wilmington (ILN) Air Transport International B762  N761CX
AA3267 Shreveport (SHV) American Eagle CRJ7  N761ND
AA2978 Omaha (OMA) American Eagle CRJ7  N762SK
AA2962 Corpus Christi (CRP) American Eagle CRJ7  N763SK
AA3030 Yuma (YUM) American Eagle CRJ7  N764SK
AA1434 Indianapolis (IND) American Airlines A319  N766US
AA1133 Richmond (RIC) American Airlines A319  N767UW
AA2966 Omaha (OMA) American Eagle CRJ7  N772SK
AA1761 Pittsburgh (PIT) American Airlines A319  N772XF
AA1270 Vancouver (YVR) American Airlines A319  N773XF
AA2406 Minneapolis (MSP) American Airlines A319  N775XF
AA2921 New Orleans (MSY) American Airlines A319  N778XF
AA2212 Houston (IAH) American Airlines A319  N8001N
AA1009 Nashville (BNA) American Airlines A319  N8030F
AA1076 Nashville (BNA) American Airlines A319  N8031M
AA2630 Houston (IAH) American Airlines A319  N803AW
AA1360 Washington (DCA) American Airlines B738  N803NN
AA4162 Laredo (LRD) American Airlines E135  N804AE
AA2509 Jacksonville (JAX) American Airlines A319  N804AW
9X482 El Dorado (ELD) Sun Air Express C208  N807JA
AA1291 Washington (IAD) American Airlines B738  N807NN
AA4054 Brownsville (BRO) American Eagle E135  N808AE
AA21 London (LHR) American Airlines B788  N811AB
AA50 London (LHR) American Airlines B788  N812AA
AA2736 New York (EWR) American Airlines A319  N812AW
AA3708 Torreon (TRC) American Eagle E135  N813AE
AA2386 Miami (MIA) American Airlines B738  N813NN
AA36 Madrid (MAD) American Airlines B788  N814AA
AA60 Tokyo (NRT) American Airlines B788  N816AA
AA1551 Pittsburgh (PIT) American Airlines A319  N816AW
AA884 Denver (DEN) American Airlines B738  N819NN
AA4203 San Angelo (SJT) American Eagle E135  N821AE
AA4149 Garden City (GCK) American Eagle E135  N822AE
AA1241 Seattle (SEA) American Airlines B738  N822NN
AA819 Indianapolis (IND) American Airlines A319  N823AW
AA2533 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines B738  N824NN
SY121 Las Vegas (LAS) Sun Country Airlines B738  N826SY
AA1660 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines B738  N829NN
AA3498 Blountville (TRI) American Eagle E135  N831AE
AA2340 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines B738  N831NN
AA2014 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines B738  N833NN
UA1077 Denver (DEN) United Airlines A319  N833UA
AA368 Seattle (SEA) American Airlines B738  N835NN
UA2318 Denver (DEN) United Airlines A319  N835UA
AA1616 St. Louis (STL) American Airlines A319  N836AW
AA4204 Wichita Falls (SPS) American Eagle E135  N837AE
AA796 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines B789  N839AA
AA3840 Springfield (SGF) American Airlines E135  N840AE
4B492 Greenville (GLH) Boutique Air PC12  N842WF
AA3833 San Angelo (SJT) American Eagle E135  N843AE
UA1400 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines A319  N843UA
AA3963 Harlingen (HRL) American Airlines E135  N844AE
AA497 Fresno (FAT) American Airlines B738  N844NN
AA2524 Miami (MIA) American Airlines B738  N846NN
AA157 New York (LGA) American Airlines B738  N849NN
FX531 Memphis (MEM) FedEx B77L  N850FD
AA3341 San Angelo (SJT) American Eagle E135  N852AE
AA3557 Texarkana (TXK) American Eagle E135  N854AE
AA1219 Miami (MIA) American Airlines B738  N854NN
AA1385 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) American Airlines B738  N856NN
AA4151 Grand Island (GRI) American Eagle E135  N857AE
AA2738 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines B738  N857NN
AA3307 Durango (DGO) American Eagle E135  N858AE
AA1448 Austin (AUS) American Airlines B738  N858NN
AA2352 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines B738  N859NN
AA792 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines B738  N864NN
AA2356 St. Louis (STL) American Airlines B738  N866NN
AA1556 Tulsa (TUL) American Airlines B738  N872NN
UA6046 Washington (IAD) United Express E75L  N87303
AA2430 Tampa (TPA) American Airlines B738  N874NN
AA2579 Boston (BOS) American Airlines B738  N878NN
AA3118 Hattiesburg (PIB) SkyWest Airlines CRJ2  N879AS
AA2424 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines B738  N881NN
UA6263 Houston (IAH) United Express E75L  N88301
UA6296 Washington (IAD) United Express E75L  N88332
UA6034 Houston (IAH) United Express E75L  N88335
AA1276 Miami (MIA) American Airlines B738  N890NN
AA812 St. Louis (STL) American Airlines B738  N892NN
AA1463 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines B738  N896NN
AA1018 Indianapolis (IND) American Airlines A319  N9002U
AA1264 Houston (IAH) American Airlines A319  N9004F
AA1532 Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines A319  N9006
AA2086 Minneapolis (MSP) American Airlines A319  N9010R
AA2179 Cleveland (CLE) American Airlines A319  N9011P
AA1532 Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines A319  N9012
AA2675 Nashville (BNA) American Airlines A319  N9013A
AA1567 Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines A319  N9016
AA2316 Richmond (RIC) American Airlines A319  N9018E
AA2596 Jackson (JAC) American Airlines A319  N9019F
AA496 Miami (MIA) American Airlines A319  N9021H
AA5722 El Paso (ELP) American Eagle CRJ9  N902FJ
AA2248 San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines A321  N903AA
AA248 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N905AU
AA5721 Oklahoma City (OKC) American Eagle CRJ9  N906FJ
NK1971 Phoenix (PHX) Spiriti Airlines A20N  N906NK
AA1148 Boston (BOS) American Airlines B738  N906NN
AA5752 Amarillo (AMA) American Eagle CRJ9  N908FJ
AA2314 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines A321  N909AM
AA5967 Lubbock (LBB) American Eagle CRJ9  N909FJ
AA407 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N914UY
AA698 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N915US
AA2412 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines (Reno Air Heritage Livery) B738  N916NN
AA5730 McAllen (MFE) American Eagle CRJ9  N917FJ
NK2970 Los Angeles (LAX) Spirit Airlines A20N  N917NK
AA2348 Miami (MIA) American Airlines B738  N918NN
AA5720 Santa Barbara (SBA) American Eagle CRJ9  N920FJ
AA5931 Amarillo (AMA) American Eagle CRJ9  N921FJ
AA3353 Springfield (SPI) American Eagle E145  N922AE
AA5726 Memphis (MEM) American Eagle CRJ9  N922FJ
AA5983 Houston (HOU) American Eagle CRJ9  N923FJ
AA5718 Lafayette (LFT) American Eagle CRJ9  N924FJ
AA5772 Wichita (ICT) American Eagle CRJ9  N925FJ
AA2240 Seattle (SEA) American Airlines B738  N925NN
AA352 San Jose (SJC) American Airlines B738  N926NN
AA3956 Lake Charles (LCH) American Eagle E145  N928AE
AA5783 Morelia (MLM) American Eagle CRJ9  N928LR
NK2936 Detroit (DTW) Spirit Airlines A20N  N928NK
AA5725 Destin Fort Walton Beach (VPS) American Eagle CRJ9  N930LR
AA2471 Ontario (ONT) American Airlines B738  N930NN
AA249 San Antonio (SAT) American Airlines B738  N931NN
9X498 Hot Springs (HOT) Sun Air Express C208  N932SP
AA5734 Oklahoma City (OKC) American Eagle CRJ9  N934FJ
AA3399 Manhattan (MHK) American Eagle E145  N935AE
AA5927 Louisville (SDF) American Eagle CRJ9  N935LR
AA2710 Tucson (TUS) American Airlines B738  N937AN
AA1853 Boston (BOS) American Airlines B738  N938AN
AA5760 Greensboro (GSO) American Eagle CRJ9  N938LR
AA3872 Shreveport (SHV) American Eagle E145  N939AE
AA1052 Washington (DCA) American Airlines B738  N939AN
AA5712 Houston (HOU) American Eagle CRJ9  N939LR
AA1006 Salt Lake City (SLC) American Airlines B738  N939NN
AA2009 Seattle (SEA) American Airlines B738  N940AN
AA2251 Baltimore (BWI) American Airlines B738  N941NN
AA3545 College Station (CLL) American Eagle E145  N942LL
AA1242 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines B738  N944AN
AA5903 Destin Fort Walton Beach (VPS) American Eagle CRJ9  N944LR
AA1001 Cancun (CUN) American Airlines B738  N944NN
AA5740 Des Moines (DSM) American Eagle CRJ9  N945LR
AA5764 Wichita (ICT) American Eagle CRJ9  N946LR
AA2783 Bozeman (BZN) American Airlines B738  N947AN
AA5755 Albuquerque (ABQ) American Eagle CRJ9  N948LR
AA1223 Reno (RNO) American Airlines B738  N949AN
AA679 San Diego (SAN) American Airlines B738  N950NN
AA5790 Santa Barbara (SBA) American Eagle CRJ9  N951LR
AA1460 Portland (PDX) American Airlines B738  N951NN
AA5778 Midland (MAF) American Eagle CRJ9  N952LR
AA2531 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines B738  N953AN
AA5765 Wichita (ICT) American Eagle CRJ9  N953LR
AA5735 McAllen (MFE) American Eagle CRJ9  N954LR
AA2640 West Palm Beach (PBI) American Airlines B738  N955AN
AA334 San Antonio (SAT) American Airlines B738  N956AN
AA5814 Rapid City (RAP) American Eagle CRJ9  N956LR
AA1669 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines B738  N956NN
AA1295 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines B738  N957NN
AA2779 Orange County (SNA) American Airlines B738  N958NN
9X409 Harrison (HRO) Sun Air Express C208  N958SP
AA5795 Tulsa (TUL) American Eagle CRJ9  N959LR
AA1584 Austin (AUS) American Airlines B738  N959NN
AA364 San Jose (SJC) American Airlines B738  N962AN
AA1630 Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines B738  N963AN
AA2635 Denver (DEN) American Airlines B738  N963NN
AA393 Mexico City (MEX) American Airlines B738  N964AN
AA2353 Tampa (TPA) American Airlines B738  N967AN
AA767 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N970UY
AA1097 Tucson (TUS) American Airlines B738  N971AN
AA339 Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines A321  N973UY
AA268 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines A321  N974UY
AA2945 Ontario (ONT) American Airlines B738  N975AN
AA1180 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) American Airlines B738  N976AN
AA1215 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) American Airlines B738  N977NN
AA701 Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines A321  N977UY
AA1117 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) American Airlines B738  N978AN
AA2025 Miami (MIA) American Airlines B738  N979AN
AA2659 Orange County (SNA) American Airlines B738  N979NN
AA2308 Sacramento (SMF) American Airlines B738  N981NN
AA2223 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines B738  N982NN
AA1563 Tulsa (TUL) American Airlines B738  N983AN
AA2559 Detroit (DTW) American Airlines B738  N983NN
AA808 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines A321  N986AN
AA2489 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines A321  N987AM
AA1115 San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines B738  N989NN
AA1401 Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines B738  N993NN
AA637 Austin (AUS) American Airlines A321  N994AN
AA1966 Orlando (MCO) American Airlines B738  N994NN
AA2684 Cancun (CUN) American Airlines B738  N995NN
AA1243 San Diego (SAN) American Airlines B738  N996NN
AA2354 Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines A321  N997AA
AA1175 San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines B738  N998NN
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