March 25, 2010 ACARS Log

Daily logs showing every commercial aircraft that operated at DFW that day.

March 25, 2010 ACARS Log

Postby ACARS Bot on Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:30 pm

D-AIGC Airbus A343 LH0438 FRA Lufthansa
D-AIGH Airbus A343 LH0439 KDFW Lufthansa
G-YMMI Boeing B772 BA0192 KDFW British Airways
G-YMMP Boeing B772 BA0193 LHR British Airways
HL7734 Boeing B772 KE0031 ICN Korean Air
N108UW Airbus A320 US1103 LGA US Airways
N125HQ YX3101 KDCA Midwest Express Airlines
N134UP Airbus A300 UP2019 BOS
N163UP Airbus A300 UP0766 SDF
N16545 McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1789 SDF American Airlines
N16545 McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1024 SAN American Airlines
N167UP Airbus A300 UP2291 CAE
N168UP Airbus A300 UP2977 GEG
N177DN Boeing B763 DL0067 ATL Delta Air Lines
N183AN Boeing B752 AA2422 LAX
N185UW Airbus A321 US1105 CLT US Airways
N194AA Boeing B752 AA2416 LAX
N19621 Boeing B735 CO1139 EWR Continental Airlines
N255AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0763 LGA American Airlines
N259AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0785 LGA
N282AY Airbus A332 US0729 LHR US Airways
N293AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1035 ORF
N293AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1223 BOS American Airlines
N298AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA2461 RIC
N344AN Boeing B763 AA0079 LHR American Airlines
N369AA Boeing B763 AA2412 LAX
N398FE McDonnell Douglas MD10-10(F) FX0472 KDFW FedEx
N424AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA2446 LAX
N431AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA2404 LAX
N434AA McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA2090 SFO American Airlines
N436AA McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA2014 BOS American Airlines
N442US Boeing B734 US1772 BUF US Airways
N451UW US1126 BWI US Airways
N454AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA2203 AUS
N457AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0411 BUR
N459AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0686 ONT
N459AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1649 DCA American Airlines
N461UA Airbus A320 UA0204 SEA United Airlines
N463AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0519 IAD
N46625 Boeing B735 CO1135 EWR Continental Airlines
N469AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0533 RIC American Airlines
N470AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA2522 COS American Airlines
N473AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1156 SAT
N475AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0636 BUR
N479AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0417 SFO American Airlines
N480AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1429 RDU American Airlines
N481AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1100 SAN American Airlines
N516AM McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0836 TUL
N562AA McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1235 PHL
N562AA McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1473 PHL American Airlines
N563AS AS0660 SEA Alaska Airlines
N568AA McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1165 SAN American Airlines
N573AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0817 ICT American Airlines
N579AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0725 LGA
N582AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1298 SAT American Airlines
N586AA McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1518 BUR
N589AA McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1680 SMF American Airlines
N636RW Embraer E170 S57664 DEN Shuttle America
N643DL Boeing B752 DL1921 ATL Delta Airlines
N643RW Embraer E170 S57516 KDEN Shuttle America
N657AW Airbus A320 HP0373 JFK America West Airlines
N660AM Boeing B752 AA1558 SAN American Airlines
N673AW Airbus A320 US0548 LAX
N683A Boeing B752 AA2444 LAX
N704X Boeing B752 DL0721 ATL Delta Air Lines
N745VJ US0729 LHR US Airways
N7517A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1526 SAN American Airlines
N7526A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1476 SJC
N7531A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1188 MFE
N7532A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1497 DTW
N7532A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0540 ONT
N7534A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0801 LAX
N7546A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1368 SLC American Airlines
N7549A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA2406 PHX American Airlines
N7549A McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0511 BWI American Airlines
N765AN Boeing B772 AA0071 FRA American Airlines
N765US Airbus A319 US1101 ROC US Airways
N7667A Boeing B752 AA2167 SNA
N769US Airbus A319 US1153 BOS US Airways
N783AN Boeing B772 AA0060 NRT American Airlines
N789AN Boeing B772 AA0051 LHR American Airlines
N804UA Airbus A319 UA0357 BWI
N815UA Airbus A319 UA0204 SEA United Airlines
N817MD Embraer E170 YX3469 MSP Midwest Express Airlines
N820UA Airbus A319 UA0789 SFO United Airlines
N821MD Embraer E170 YX1521 BOS Midwest Express Airlines
N824MD Embraer E170 YX1579 LGA Midwest Express Airlines
N828UA Airbus A319 UA0151 IAD United Airlines
N838AW Airbus A319 US0395 BUR US Airways
N859RW Embraer E170 S57617 ORD Shuttle America
N869RW YX1571 MKE Midwest Express Airlines
N872RW YX1521 BOS Midwest Express Airlines
N901AN Boeing B738 AA1900 SNA American Airlines
N902AN Boeing B738 AA0405 RDU American Airlines
N902DE McDonnell Douglas MD88 DL0372 NAS Delta Airlines
N903AN Boeing B738 AA0668 SNA
N907AN Boeing B738 AA1230 SEA American Airlines
N910AN Boeing B738 AA2195 SNA
N910DL McDonnell Douglas MD88 DL1917 BUF
N913AN Boeing B738 AA1828 SNA
N921AT FL0102 ATL Air Tran Airways
N923AN Boeing B738 AA0373 ATL American Airlines
N924AN Boeing B738 AA1508 SNA American Airlines
N927AT Boeing B712 FL0117 ATL Air Tran Airways
N930AN Boeing B738 AA0473 YYZ American Airlines
N931TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA0414 SFO American Airlines
N939DL McDonnell Douglas MD88 DL1043 ATL Delta Airlines
N9401W McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA0675 SAN American Airlines
N9409F McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA0446 PHX
N9413T McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1800 SMF American Airlines
N9413T McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA0491 PHL American Airlines
N9420D McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1731 SAN American Airlines
N944AN Boeing B738 AA1533 BDL American Airlines
N950AN Boeing B738 AA0405 YUL American Airlines
N950AN Boeing B738 AA1656 SNA
N953AT FL0124 ATL Air Tran Airways
N954U McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA0787 LGA American Airlines
N955U McDonnell Douglas MD82 AA1654 SMF American Airlines
N956AN Boeing B738 AA1594 SNA
N956AN Boeing B738 AA1493 YYZ American Airlines
N957DL McDonnell Douglas MD88 DL1915 ATL Delta Airlines
N958DL McDonnell Douglas MD88 DL1913 ATL Delta Airlines
N958UW Embraer E190 US1273 PHL
N9615W McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1947 EWR American Airlines
N9616G McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA2410 LAX
N9617R McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1421 IAD American Airlines
N9617R McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1043 SJC
N9620D McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA2426 SJC American Airlines
N9622A McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1514 SFO American Airlines
N9626F McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1489 ONT
N965TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1346 SFO American Airlines
N969TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1776 LAS American Airlines
N973TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1208 SMF American Airlines
N973TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA0627 ORF American Airlines
N977DL McDonnell Douglas MD88 DL1923 ATL Delta Airlines
N982TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA1150 SLC American Airlines
N982TW McDonnell Douglas MD83 AA0621 SAT American Airlines
PH-AOB Airbus A332 KL0669 AMS KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
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