EK 2 return 380, NONSTOP DFW-India- Turkish Air to DFW?

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EK 2 return 380, NONSTOP DFW-India- Turkish Air to DFW?

Postby DFW4ever on Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:39 pm

Hey So just curious and want to hear everyone views
Which one of these do you think will likely happen at DFW Next?
Could we see a returning of the Whale with EK? AA juyst dropped its codeshare with EY and Emirates could pull it to be more competitive with Qatar

I know DFW has been wanting a direct flight to India for the longest,
Do you think Etihad's exit might be the way in for AI or maybe even AA to launch service to India?
I know Delta is considering India service and AA is always growing. They could always jump on that market. I know previously things were't well between ORD-DEL but lets keep in mind AA had new aircrafts and uses 787's on Asian Routes

I read awhile back DFW had an expansion in mind and Istanbul was one of the cities they wanted
I also know that turkish is planning on expanding their network especially after the new airport.....

These are are hypothetical but possible let me know your thoughts :)
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