thanks for your reply greg

Any questions about DFW or any of its carriers?
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stanley moult
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thanks for your reply greg

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I have one more query about the way to get the registrations from the tail numbers given ie:91469E
I have tried all ways to get the reg but cant work out how to get it.I'm sorry to be a pain but your reply has made me realise that it is possible to get my log back and I would like to thank you very much it means a lot to me that you took the trouble to answer me and if I can find out how to convert the tail number on the list to a registration i'd be over the moon. Thanks Again Stan (I'm just looking at an earlier date so I know what to do when my date becomes listed)
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Re: thanks for your reply greg

Post by Greg » ... atures.xml

That link is probably a bit better for your search. The American and Eagle tails can be a bit tricky, often times AA reports in the fleet number - ie 3AA rather than tail ie N901AN. I just did a quick search on Eagle flights from DFW for one day, and they all show up as N***MQ. Well, hardly any of the Eagle planes registrations end in MQ, but most end in AE. (MQ being Eagle's two letter code.)

Therefore, if you see one listed as N835MQ, it is really N835AE. There are a few oddballs that don't follow the pattern, like N941LT, N663AR and so on, but you should be able to get a good majority of the ones you spotted.

Eagle has N500AE through about N520AE on their CRJs, and then N600AE and N800AE series on their Embraers. I should add that the ATRs usually end in AT - N538AT, N545AT etc. Feel free to check my own logbook which is linked in my signature, with over 30,000 sightings at DFW I have probably every plane in the Eagle fleet, so if you have a question on one in particular, you can check my list and get the number.

Hope this helps!

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