Temperature / Thermometer at DFW Airport

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Temperature / Thermometer at DFW Airport

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me specifically where the National Weather Service thermometer is located at DFW Airport?

When the local news reports the official high temperature for the day in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they are always referring to the temp reading at DFW airport, as read on the official National Weather Service thermometer there at the airport.

I live in Euless TX, about 1/2 a mile from DFW airport. Something I have noticed (and many friends in the area have noticed too) is that the temp reading where we live just outside the airport, is always a few degrees hotter than the office temp at the airport. Actually, everywhere I go in the D/FW area always seems to be a few degrees hotter than the airport. So I'm wondering why this is the case?

My theory is that the thermometer at DFW is located in a field, or maybe high up on the tower...someplace where it's not as close to the ground as our thermometers at home, or not as close to buildings and roads, which tends to increase the temperature.

Thanks for any input you may have!
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