Airplane Photograph Library

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Airplane Photograph Library

Post by Greg »

I've started a new project to catalog one image of every plane I've photographed over nearly the past decade. I've got photos loaded on a few sites around the Internet, and in some cases, those are my only files left after two separate hard drives have crashed over time.

I've decided to make a simple page that will store most of my photos, with a quick and easy way to view them. As it expands, I'll add some things like a search feature and links to jump ahead in the page and so forth. As for now, this is a big undertaking that will take me ages. If I can add a few photos here and there over time, I think it will end up looking like what I am hoping for - a basic catalog of every airplane I've come across.

Keep in mind, some of the older photos are not of the best quality, but, these are the only copies of these images I have to share. I hope you enjoy, and check it out every so often please. As I said, I'll be adding to the catalog fairly often.
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